CITY: Székesfehérvár

The Alba Regia Dance Association was founded in 1994 in Székesfehérvár, the largest city of the Central Transdanubian region of Hungary. The leading folk art workshops of the region take place in the unique building named Táncház (‘dance-house’). This special organisation was created to safeguard and sustain folklore values, especially folk music and folk dance. The mission of our public benefit organisation is to discover and preserve our cultural heritage, to cultivate, protect and transmit folk traditions, especially folk dance and folk music values, and to create new values relating to folk art. Our aim is to promote our folk heritage and to integrate it into our everyday life as part of a universal culture. In this spirit, we organise our courses, trainings and conferences, produce publications and educational materials, and digitalise our existing images, sound and video recordings. In addition to high-level scientific processing, we strive to incorporate the collected folk music into contemporary culture and make it accessible for educational purposes as well as for the public.

Andor Majoros