The members of Czéczó Banda were recruited from different areas along the river Tisa in Vojvodina, where the term “cécó” (former spelling: “czéczó”) was used for private balls, and occasional entertainments. On these music-dance events, a few tamburas could do such a charming moment into the everyday routine that is unforgettable for many participants until today. The aim of Czéczó Banda is to revive these old days in the sense of music style, and lifestyle as well.

The members of the band consider their vocation to disseminate and promote the unworthily neglected and untouched folksong collections from Vojvodina, specifically from alongside the river Tisa. Nevertheless, in this region tambura was not only used in the countryside and small towns, but also at coffeehouses in cities, where the tambura bands formed, following the example of gypsy music bands, and entertained the guests.