The Dobroda Band was born in 2007 and was named after a small stream in the county of Nógrád. This stream, with its ever renewing water and meaning (good water) represents the philosophy and the mission of the band.The authentic folk music of the Carpathian Basin similarly means a drainless source for the band, which selects its repertoire from this repository. The studying and playing of Hungarian folk music made it possible for us to meet and work with the most prominent people in folk dance and music, and by this, to contribute high value to revive Hungarian folk music traditions on stage and dance floors, from village days to the most exquisite places through Europe.In our repertoire one can find almost the entire scope of the folk music of the Carpathian Basin. An exhaustive knowledge though seems unattainable, since time and again emerges a hidden treasure, whose performance is a real challenge as well as an exciting task. Our mission is not however simply and fully completed by the performance of a specific piece. We also wish to impart our knowledge, entertain others, deliver and show values, and feel that with our intellectual principles we are able to create a more valuable ambience for some holy moments.