Fokos was formed in 2010. The first big success came in 2012, when they took place on the talent scout competition named Fölszállott a páva that was organised by the television channel Duna, where they reached the semi-final. As the result of that they got nominated and won the prize of the town Óbecse for making their hometown more famous. Later in 2018 the band won the competition Fölszállott a páva Döntők döntője (Final of the finals) in it’s category. Until now they have published five albums and participated in making of many more CD-s. Beside that they were part of composing for others and making music for dance-performances. They have the most appearances on the territory of the Carpathian Basin, but they also had performances in a lot of big cities around Europe. In 2018 they organised their first European tour, in 2019 they went to an USA tour as well.

The main goal of the band is to perpetuate the traditions of their region. They want to show that folklore is not the past, it’s not for the museums. It’s alive, it’s the part of our everyday’s life making us what we are.

Members: Cseszák Zsombor, Jovánovity Péter, Keszég Ákos, Szabó András, Szerda Ákos és Szerda Balázs

Discography: Kiskoromtól nagykoromig, Jókedvemben, Törökkanizsa község népzenei hagyatéka, Óbecse község népzenei hagyatéka, Zengető