CITY: Budapest

The Fonó Budai Music Hall focuses on preserving Hungarian folk music and keeping it alive in the digital age, as well as making the citizens of Budapest and other people in Hungary familiar with it. Over the past two decades, they have hosted all the relevant musicians of the Carpathian Basin, from Rábaköz to Moldavia. Their táncház (‘dance-house’) events are regularly visited by hundreds of people, and at the same time they give home to quality world music and jazz concerts, photo exhibitions and wine tastings. As a music publisher, Fonó has released more than 200 albums since its foundation, including a unique collection of European folk music, the Final Hour series, in the form of 50 + 16 CDs. It is no exaggeration to say that without Fonó’s activity, a significant part of the last thirty years of Hungarian folk music would have fallen into oblivion.

Júlia Kubinyi
István Berecz