Julcsi Laposa is a Hungarian folk musician/music-mediator; the owner of the Junior Prime Award for the Folk and Public Person of the year 2017.
Julcsi has been a passionate musician since her childhood. Her earliest memories date back to the age of four years when her grandparents regularly sang folk songs typical for the region she originally comes from — the Zala county. Her first real contact with the Hungarian Folk Music — an essential and unique space in the country’s life — was in 2007. Since then, she gained valuable experiences at home and abroad. Her mission is to make folk music, traditions, and art more attractive to the general public and future generations. So far, she has published 4 singing books with CDs. Throughout her concerts, she introduces and disseminates a wide variety of folk traditions, grouped by the seasons of the year. She believes that involving the audience makes the learning experience joyful, rich, and rewarding.

Musicians: Julcsi Laposa – voice, violin; Zoltán Szabó – bagpipe, flutes, tambura; Károly Horváth – voice, alto, hurdy-gurdy; Márton Timár – contrabass; Máté Vizeli – alto, lut

CONTACT: szervezes@laposajulcsi. eu