Korinda Band is one of the youngest and most active folk music group on the field of the Hungarian Dancehouse movement nowadays, however they alredy have a ten year old history so far.
At the time of the beginning the three founders started to play together when they got the possibility to learn the musical tradition of the Csángó people of Moldova at first hand taking regular courses from András Hodorog, one of the greatest master of the Moldavian Csángó village flute tradition. This was such a meaningful encounter that led to establish Korinda Band and has had a great impact on the musical principals.
Beside playing these old melodies in their pure simplicity, the members also feel strong motivation to find their own interpretations, the way of unique expressions, without causing any devaluations to the authentic tradition. This duality results a characteristic sound which mostly represents their musical approach.
Although, in the music played by Korinda the Moldavian Csángó folk music means the main line of bearing, also other dialects of the Hungarian folk music are integral part of the repertoire, such as the musical folklore of Gyimes, Bârsei, as well as other Sekler and Romanian territories.
Due to their conviction the members do fieldwork from time to time to gain experiences about living village musical traditions at first hand and learn about the long-ago values represented by the everyday life of the villigers.
The new album of Korinda Band is about to release in the late spring of 2019, which is an abstract of their programme representing the musical traditions of the Moldavian Csángó’s and eastern part of the Sekler regions. With that concert programme Korinda got the possibility to tour not just all over Hungary, but also performed in the USA, Moscow, London and Subcarpathia.

CONTACT: korindaband@gmai.com / +36 30 602 1733