The mission of Korinda is to authentically interpret the traditional folk music of the Eastern edges of Hungarian speaking language areas. The band’s founders gained the basics of their musical knowledge from chapters of Szeged’s folk music scene: members of Mentés Másként Együttes, and András Hodorog, Moldavian shepherd’s flute virtuoso. They played a significant part in creating Korinda’s unique style of sound. The band strives for a simple and clean representation of the music learned from original recordings and informants, while continuously seeking opportunities for individual interpretations and unique expression.
Although the band’s main musical direction is that of Moldavian Csango folk music, their repertoire also comprises the Hungarian and Romanian ethnic ballads of Ghimeș, Burzenland, Székely Land and Bukovina. They regularly return to Moldavia and Transylvania to collect and research music, as it is their conviction to establish and foster personal relationships with older village musicians who are still alive.

CONTACT: / +36 30 602 1733