An accomplished composer, singer, pupetteer and street theatre artist, Lilla Fehérváry has been actively performing for 25 years. She is a member of Hattyú Dal Színház (Swan Song Theatre), and currently performs with Ládafia Puppet Theatre and her own independent shows. She is one of the founder singers of the musical group Madárdal Zenekar. She has played on countless festivals in Hungary, in the Hungarian diaspora, all over Europe, in China and in the United States. In her musical projects, she is often joined by the members of Szigeti Veszedelem Zenekar. 

Musically, her compositions display an experimental streak with deep roots in folk music, characterised by the fusion of diverse styles and periods. Her main influences are traditional folk music, sacred music, world music and improvisational music. Over the years, she has created and performed multiple children programmes and interactive storytelling concerts and also composed and arranged music for over 40 theatre/puppet theatre performances. In addition, poetry has been an essential element of her career, and has been the composer of several performances of poetry reading.