CITY: Tordas

The Teremtőkert Association hosts táncház (‘dance-house’) events in Tordas on dedicated Saturdays each month. The aim of the programme series is to activate folk musicians, folk dancers, craftsmen and women as well as artists living in Tordas – a village of 2000 people, 30 km from Budapest –, for the purpose of transferring the complex, traditional Hungarian folk culture in a rural environment, playing authentic Hungarian folk music and experiencing the community building power of dance.  In addition to the permanent band whose members are all locals, guest musicians, dancers and performers enrich the programme occasionally. From time to time, the folk music students of the local art school also play together with the musicians.

Veronika Botta

Táncház Association of Piliscsaba

CITY: Piliscsaba

Since its establishment in 2014, the Táncház Association of Piliscsaba has organised more than 50 events in Piliscsaba and the surrounding settlements. Its success lies in the fact that its leaders are all folk musicians, teachers and folk dancers. The Ágas-Bogas Band, the Kisze-Kusza Band, the Borsa Band as well as the Hidas Dance Workshop operates within the framework of the association. Among their regular programmes they offer táncház (‘dance-house’) events from the region of Szék, Kalotaszeg and Magyarpalatka, male choirs, master classes of folk music, and depending on the seasonal holidays, nativity plays, pig killings, Pentecost King elections and Midsummer night fire-jumpings.

Rita Ocskay – ocskayrita@gmail.com
Attila Halmos – halmos.halmos.attila@gmail.com

Great Forest Water Tower

CITY: Debrecen

The Great Forest Water Tower, built in 1912 and renovated in 2015, is a popular nightclub and community space in Debrecen, which is also part of the student network of the University of Debrecen. The tourist centre offers various attractions to visitors: they can walk up to the 34-metre-high lookout tower, use the outdoor climbing wall from May to September or rent a bike.  At the lower level of the Water Tower, there is a multifunctional exhibition space and event room, where a variety of programmes take place each day of the week. The space, equipped with a stage as well as sound and light technology, hosts literary events, exhibitions, jazz and pop music concerts, táncház (‘dance-house’) events, as well as smaller conferences, forums, dinners and electronic music parties. From May to the end of September, the Water Tower Garden, surrounded by the trees of the Great Forest, is home to outdoor concerts, wine festivals, and it is also a popular programme venue for the Campus Festival.

Anna Kunkli

Fonó Club Szeged

CITY: Szeged

The first permanent club of the Fonó Budai Music Hall outside of Budapest, Hungary.It operates as a folk pub, a cultural and artistic centre, awaiting its guests with folk music, world music, workshops, concerts and táncház (‘dance-house’) events.

Kornél Varga

Fonó Budai Music Hall

CITY: Budapest

The Fonó Budai Music Hall focuses on preserving Hungarian folk music and keeping it alive in the digital age, as well as making the citizens of Budapest and other people in Hungary familiar with it. Over the past two decades, they have hosted all the relevant musicians of the Carpathian Basin, from Rábaköz to Moldavia. Their táncház (‘dance-house’) events are regularly visited by hundreds of people, and at the same time they give home to quality world music and jazz concerts, photo exhibitions and wine tastings. As a music publisher, Fonó has released more than 200 albums since its foundation, including a unique collection of European folk music, the Final Hour series, in the form of 50 + 16 CDs. It is no exaggeration to say that without Fonó’s activity, a significant part of the last thirty years of Hungarian folk music would have fallen into oblivion.

Júlia Kubinyi
István Berecz

Eötvös10 – Tázló Club

CITY: Budapest

The Tázló Band have been organising their own táncház (‘dance-house’) events at the Eötvös10 Community and Cultural Space since 2014. They launched the Tázló Club in 2015, where various musical styles could meet on stage to create a common new genre. Subsequently, the programmes of the Tázló Club included various educational programmes, such as dance teaching, discussions, ethnographic lectures and joint concerts.

Kata Böjte

Búgócsiga Acoustic Garden

CITY: Sopron

Celebrating the 5th anniversary of its foundation, Búgócsiga operates not just as an average club, but rather as a community space. In addition to organising pop music events, it gives home to exhibition openings, creative fairs, theatrical performances, film clubs, and last but not least, táncház (‘dance-house’) events. They launched the latter programme series in 2016 at their own expense under the name Zsinórban, which they could further develop from the amount awarded to them by the Béla Halmos Programme in 2017. Among others, the Poros Band, the Fajkusz Band and the Vizeli Trio performed here with a huge success.

Roland Zistler

Alba Regia Dance Association

CITY: Székesfehérvár

The Alba Regia Dance Association was founded in 1994 in Székesfehérvár, the largest city of the Central Transdanubian region of Hungary. The leading folk art workshops of the region take place in the unique building named Táncház (‘dance-house’). This special organisation was created to safeguard and sustain folklore values, especially folk music and folk dance. The mission of our public benefit organisation is to discover and preserve our cultural heritage, to cultivate, protect and transmit folk traditions, especially folk dance and folk music values, and to create new values relating to folk art. Our aim is to promote our folk heritage and to integrate it into our everyday life as part of a universal culture. In this spirit, we organise our courses, trainings and conferences, produce publications and educational materials, and digitalise our existing images, sound and video recordings. In addition to high-level scientific processing, we strive to incorporate the collected folk music into contemporary culture and make it accessible for educational purposes as well as for the public.

Andor Majoros